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Glow provides unique solutions to humanize change.

A team of passionate and energetic storytellers who strive to catalyze change through the power of stories.

We believe 'diversity creates' and that is reflected in diverse traits in the team itself. With the background varying from business consultant, experience designer, curator, journalist, to social worker, we are together to tell the story that matters with unique mixture of what the team commits to offer - for the better. 

Piriya Kulganchanacheeewin

Story Curator & Partner

Story curator team lead with a passion for telling stories. Pi is the founder of Glow's Story Curation Method - Glow's unique process of bringing stories to the stage that has been used with over 300 speakers in the past 4 years. Pi also holds workshops in storytelling and curation for companies to share Glow's working process. Don't let his cool on-stage persona fool you - at Glow Story he is the entertainer of the team and will go crazy for golden retrievers!

Napat Mututanont

Managing Partner

Napat translates creative ideas into action, organizes a chaotic workload into orderly tasks, and amplifies impact to an optimum. As a former business consultant, she seeks to understand and solve real problems for her clients. In Glow's creative process, Bee strives to find the balance between creativity and constraints. Her next goal is to create a happy and productive workplace culture for her team members - including being the butt of the jokes or entertaining the team with her usual clumsy mishaps.

Piyapat Patipoksut

Experience Designer & Partner

Design team lead with a specialization in human-centric design. Before founding Glow Story, Parn has worked as a website & application UX designer in a UX consulting firm as well as an experience designer for Thailand's leading concert design firm. He is lead in Glow's business development and believes in using design to invoke behavioral change. Parn is our company's creative machine and always has solutions to any problems we throw at him. He can literally do anything.

Napattavat Wongcharoensin

Change Manager

Bringing the spirit of change everywhere he goes, as same as his name that is 'Can', he has the ultimate ability to catalyze the impactful change with creative solutions. Observing issues with his sharp eyes and can-do-it thought, Can creates the unexpected path to pass through all the struggles to the right destination. The power of change is the power of thought, and Can has it all. With the belief of possibility, everything is possible in Can's hands.

Napatrostorn Tanathanyatoranun

Creative Psychologist

Chompoo, the very kind-hearted creative psychologist. With the experience of working for top-tier companies, she can match insightful psychological theories with various approached of the campaigns, making them unique and tocuhed with the right target audience. Additionally, her charming way of speaking always makes her presentation very convincing and interesting.she can match insightful psychological theories with various approached of the campaigns, making them unique and tocuhed with the right target audience. Additionally, her charming way of speaking always makes her presentation very convincing and interesting.

Akamsiri Phakaprechapat

Project Manager

The most artistic and independent Project Manager you can count on! Eye is well-rounded with expertise in agency, entrepreneurship, and management skills level 99+. She leads the project so classy and unique just like her styles in fashion senses. You’ll be surprised how creativity meets proficiency in practices. Most importantly, beyond the fierce and powerful look lies a true spirit of giver and caretaker that you will be impressed with just like we, the Glower, do.

Nattawadee Kongsang

Story Curator

The spark of joy, Jenny brought new and vibrant perspective to every project. Being an expert on performance art, Jenny has the ability to understand human nature. This exceptional ability makes her a great curator that bring the best out of you. Her curiosity will bring you to another level of understanding self and she can guarantee that wherever you are, you will shine. Above all, her empathy and listening skills will prove that every word from you matters to the world and audiences.

Theppitak Maneepong

Content Designer

Our creative content designer who can turn complex chunks of information into fun and engaging content! A former writer at various publishers, Mob loves to play with words and is responsible for Glow's most creative copywriting campaigns. Mob is the social trend watcher who always surprises the team with the lastest memes, hashtags and stories. Although Mob may appear like the quiet introvert, he can team up with Pi and Parn to turn anything into a joke.

Natchaya Jangpanich

Communication Designer

Nat is our graphic designer that can always impress the team with her hand-drawn illustrations. She loves to experiment with different creative concepts and styles in her work. She’s also passionate about book-making, exhibitions, and cats (all but her own). Her fine taste in art makes the work of Glow finer, and her even finer taste in music makes the working atmosphere at Glow brighter!

Kwanpawn Chamchoy

Visual Designer

Highly disciplined graphic designer with a sharp eye for beauty and composition. Her passion for film, photography, cooking videos, and pugs definitely contribute to her ability to produce work in various forms and styles. Glowers are known for our unstoppable flood of ideas, and yet we can rest assure that Noi will be able to translate our abstract concepts into visual designs and production!

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