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Limited Education

In Thailand, there is still a huge gap in education inequality that needs to be filled.

Working alongside Thailand Collaboration for Education (TCFE), an alliance of organizations that help to raise the bar of education quality for Thai kids, we designed a way to make donation campaigns more engaging to the general public. We call our campaign "Limited Education".

There are many organizations that work on improving education quality and accessibility in Thailand. However, their efforts are still not enough. The question was, how can tell the story about education inequality in a way that would engage and start a conversation amongst the public - especially those with little interest in the issue? Our answer - use the power of brands and media to bridge consumers to the problems.

Limited Education was launched in 2017 as a small campaign in partnership with Greyhound, a Thai fashion brand. A pop-up store selling T-shirts designed with everyday words that have been misspelled by real students in underprivileged schools tells the story of education inequality in Thailand. A sign that said "SALE 65% OFF" attracted customers. When people got closer, they can learn that 65% is actually the percentage of families that cannot afford higher education in Thailand.

Today, Limited Education continues to be an annual campaign that will take place in September of every year. To scale its impact, Limited Education will collaborate with various brands to release limited edition products with proceeds dedicated to helping Thai education.

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