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Happy DeathDay

There is a common belief in Thailand that talking about death is a taboo. However, regardless of how we ignore it, death will come knocking on everyone's door.

We teamed up with Buddhika Network to find a way to change this stigma. Since death is a certainty of life, we should find a way to have healthy discussions around it, plan for it, and perhaps even look forward to it.

"Happy Death Day" is a two-day event that includes an exhibition, panel discussions, engaging activities, and a talk that revolved around the topic of death and how to prepare for it. Glow was in charge of ‘Last Talk’, a stage that gathered speakers who have come in close contact with a death such as a terminally ill patient, a suicide survivor, and even a mortician to talk about their experience with death.

Apart from the talk, we also helped with the design aspect of the event. From designing the exhibition graphics and experience, as well as stage and lighting design we made ‘death’ a topic easier to talk about.

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